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Canon's EVIL camera?

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Canon's EVIL camera?
« on: 16 / January / 2010, 07:18:22 »

I was reading this piece here:

Does anybody know about similar Cannon (and perhaps CHDK-capable) cameras?


Re: Canon's EVIL camera?
« Reply #1 on: 23 / January / 2010, 19:04:27 »

BUT, it will not replace a DSLR.

Viewfinders that are digital do not relay what you can get from a genuine sight window. This is a camera and photographer thing. Viewfinders are close to the image of what it is that you are shooting, and the digital screen is an abstraction.

The basic elements of a camera have not changed. You still have a lens, and a photographer that decides what to shot and how to shoot it.

This is my opinion anyway. (That is definitely a cool camera though.)


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