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DryOS Decompilation?

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DryOS Decompilation?
« on: 05 / September / 2022, 17:09:39 »
Is there any work being done to decompile DryOS? Or has it already been done?
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Re: DryOS Decompilation?
« Reply #1 on: 05 / September / 2022, 18:00:37 »
If you mean DryOS in its entirety, no. That would be a massive project, and for the most part we only care about the inner workings of the OS where they directly interact with some particular feature we want to implement or bug we want to fix.

If you want to reverse engineer some part of the firmware, I highly recommend Ghidra https://chdk.fandom.com/wiki/Firmware_analysis_with_Ghidra
Ghidra includes an excellent decompiler, but useful reverse engineering still requires substantial human analysis.

We do also do a significant amount of automated analysis with the sig finders (finsig_* under tools in the CHDK source) to identify functions and other aspects of the firmware, recorded in stubs_entry.S and funcs_*.csv in the platform directories.
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