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bracketed photos in seperate folder

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bracketed photos in seperate folder
« on: 21 / January / 2010, 22:16:43 »
i would like an option that would allow me to save images into a seperate photo when bracketed in continuous mode is checked and you are shooting in continuos mode.

if ( bracketing && cam_in_continuous_mode && sperate_folder_option ) {
    if (!dir_exists("A/DCIM/107Canon")
    overide canon target save folder for jpegs
    possibly save raw in this folder as well if that option is enabled

obviously this is not valid code as i have never coded anything for chdk and i dont have the tool chain set up currently.
If no one else is interested in coding this then i guess i will have to try it when i get a chance but would like to hear your opinions  on possible obsticles. i know it miight be tricky to change the location that the camera saves the jpegs ( or is it?).

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