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Disable RAW @ Stitch Assist?

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Disable RAW @ Stitch Assist?
« on: 30 / October / 2009, 10:13:53 »
Hi, I'm a long-time user, first time poster here at CHDK. I like hiking a lot, and always bring my S2 IS with me. I usually shoot RAW most of the time, except when I go to take a panorama (stitched back home with autostitch). I think it would be really useful to have a "disable RAW during stitch-assist" function along with the other "Disable RAW...." features. My camera is very slow when it takes RAWs, so you can imagine how annoying it is to go and take a Panorama, only to realize I forgot to turn off RAW. Then I have to remember to turn it on again (I'm a pretty forgetful person.)

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Re: Disable RAW @ Stitch Assist?
« Reply #1 on: 30 / October / 2009, 14:38:31 »
That happened to me all the time. And when shooting in continuous mode as well.

But you can enable the option "Only first RAW in series" in the RAW parameters. The camera will take only one RAW file and the rest will be JPG only. And when you get back to shooting singles, RAW will be there!

Re: Disable RAW @ Stitch Assist?
« Reply #2 on: 21 / January / 2010, 18:35:54 »
i would also like to have the option to disable raw on some other modes like TV or AV because i normally shoot in raw in Manual and switch to auto when i dont want/need raw. I would prefer if i could also switch to TV as a quick switch off to raw and just go back to M after.
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