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modular build?

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modular build?
« on: 01 / February / 2010, 11:39:18 »
There are a few versions of CHDK, and CHDK (and cameras in general)
have too many features/menues to browse, and memory-use is limited,
and often suggestions for alternative tools are rejected because there
already is a similar tool (but not suitable for a specific task).

Could the solution for all of them be a modular build-up of the firmware?
There could have a Windows/Linux program which with camera user
may build the firmware. For example, a camera for astronomy,
a camera for a child  (a PowerShot which stays in easy-use no matter
what buttons are pushed and knobs turned).

There should be a chooser in CHDK which allows (if possible) the change
of the firmware in camera. The memory card could contain firmwares
for a plenty of tasks.


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Re: modular build?
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