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Finding the right values for DNG4PS

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Finding the right values for DNG4PS
« on: 27 / January / 2010, 03:55:04 »
I saw a similar thread, but they were able to solve the problem by setting their camera into DNG mode.  I am playing with the experimental CHDK for the SD1200 and at best the DNG produced by the camera looks like this

So I am trying to work with the raws from the camera.
By itself, it opens fine in Raw Therapee but it isn't photoshop.

I created a profile for DNG4ps so that it can recognize the raw files, it did and successfully outputted a few DNG files. Unfortunately they don't open in photoshop or Raw Therapee (one looks garbled the other one is purple).  However my computer has "FastPictureViewer" installed so I can view the raw files I normally work with and the preview thumnail and preview in picture and fax viewer look fine.  

Is this behavior normal or have I screwed up?
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Re: Are the DNG files generated by DNG4PS supposed to open in photoshop?
« Reply #1 on: 13 / February / 2010, 03:43:44 »
I was looking at this page which specifies the values used for DNG4ps and I was wondering where the original values were found.  I am aware the \include\camera.h file contains the values used however I am trying to find it for a different camera and I am unsure of the values being used.

If you can pull any information from the RAW + JPG - 15.84MB it is attached  :)

I got values which allowed DNG4PS to generate an image that can work in photoshop listed here,4324.msg46735.html#msg46735
How do people normally approach retrieving the proper values?  I found it through trial and error.
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