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« on: 26 / February / 2010, 22:12:06 »
I have a new SD 1200 IS.  I decided to buy a Canon camera this time around because of the CHDK.  I am creating a bookscanner and I want to control the camera (s) from my computer. But I apparently didn't check closely enough - and I have the 1200 which doesn't seem to work with the CHDK.
What is really annoying is that the CD installed a program called "Remote Capture Task" on my mac - but it won't work.  In fact, I can't even get "my camera" to run.  ""my camera" function isn't supported."  It must have run at some point, but they turned it off.
So my question is two fold - is it likely that the Remote control will work soon for the SD1200 and/or does anyone know how to make the "Remote Capture Task" work?


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