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How raw is RAW?

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How raw is RAW?
« on: 24 / February / 2010, 04:53:46 »
Some of the processing a camera will perform on the CCD data to deliver the final jpeg
like applying a white balance you absolutely wouldn't want in a RAW. However, I would
think corrections to the CCD for the optics like lens distortion, vignetting, or color fringing
one would want in a RAW. What does CHDK output as RAW; just the bare CCD data or
optically corrected CCD data?


Re: How raw is RAW?
« Reply #1 on: 24 / February / 2010, 12:59:25 »
As far as I can see, there are no changes on the raw data. Raw and jpg pictures are different in geometric. The lens correction is a real problem during raw prcessing and creating jpg output.
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