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When is 'script_end()' in \core\kbd.c called ?

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When is 'script_end()' in \core\kbd.c called ?
« on: 25 / February / 2010, 08:02:23 »
In SDM, there are various scripted and non-scripted bracketing functions.
For Tv override, the variable 'conf.tv_bracket_value' holds the number of 1/3EV steps each exposure will change by.
If that value is non-zero, it means Tv bracketing is enabled.

In function 'script_end()', I reset that value to zero.

A user reported that Example_6.bas provided with the download did not change exposures.
This uses the custom timer to capture a number of images.

If I comment-out resetting 'conf.tv_bracket_value' to zero in script_end() then it works fine.

It would seem that script_end() is somehow called immediately the script starts !

A quick look at the end of  'process_script()' in \core\kbd.c shows 'script_end()'  is the 'default' in the switch statement and is also called on error or when all tokens are processed.

Offhand, I cannot explain the behaviour I am seeing.

Any ideas ?



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