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A 450D query

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A 450D query
« on: 25 / February / 2010, 09:04:02 »
Hi, I placed the following on the General Help and Assistance on using CHDK stable releases pge and was advised to have a look in this area:
I was given this site because I have an interest in astrophograhy and was also given to understand that the Canon DSLR is a good option for this purpose.   I have a 450D (Rebel XSi) but I do not recognise it on the list of CHDK releases.  Secondly I see a Finnish reference to astrophotograhy (at least I think that is the topic from what appears on the webpage) and wonder if there is an English equivalent.  Does the site cater for this type of work -  seems that Canon are reputed to have some rather "clever" technology built in for this purpose that maybe some of the other brands do not.

I apologise for asking something that may be so basic and I am completely missing it.    Hoping someone can give me the clues!


Re: A 450D query
« Reply #1 on: 27 / February / 2010, 14:52:55 »
Good time of day! Is the development of CHDK for EOS 450D? If so, at what stage? Well, or at least planning to develop? Pass it on ...

Re: A 450D query
« Reply #2 on: 06 / May / 2010, 08:11:26 »
Good Question. So is there a Development going on, that i missed? Who is on it?


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