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S90 Development Status?

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S90 Development Status?
« on: 12 / March / 2010, 00:34:17 »
HI, I have been following the S90 dev thread but it seems to have stalled out in February.  Now that the G11 has been ported, is anyone able to take that work and extend it to the S90?  Having CHDK for the S90 would really make it the perfect camera for my needs.  Sadly I have no development skills of my own, but I'll help in whatever limited way I can.



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Re: S90 Development Status?
« Reply #1 on: 12 / March / 2010, 00:41:04 »
If there was anything happening, it would be in the development thread. The fact that there is nothing new in the development thread means there is nothing happening.

The G11 is irrelevant. Every port depends on a developer with that specific camera expending the time and effort to port that camera. Having a similar camera ported is a minor benefit, not a deciding factor.
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