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How much do you know about CHDK and its use? (pick one that describes you)

CHDK? What's that? I got here by accident.
0 (0%)
Wow, this looks so cool, can someone put it on my camera for me?
1 (3.7%)
Well, I finally got it on my camera, but ...
4 (14.8%)
I need to catch my dog piddling in the house, can someone show me how?
3 (11.1%)
I think if you put in a do/until loop in your script that'll fix it.
9 (33.3%)
Okay, I managed to dump the firmware but ...
1 (3.7%)
Yay! I got it disassembled! Wow, this is going to be steep.
1 (3.7%)
I used the code off of GrAnd's branch but my edits are causing errors!
5 (18.5%)
Hey gang! Check out my new GPS feature.
3 (11.1%)

Total Members Voted: 25

POLL: What's your CHDK IQ?

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Re: What's your CHDK IQ?
« Reply #10 on: 09 / February / 2008, 06:14:25 »

Thanks, are you running the Linux dev kit in VM on windows or the other way around ?

Compilation DOES finish with ***Firmware creation successfully ***, but I'm compiling with:

gmake batch-zip 2>errors.txt to keep an eye on anything that gets send to STDERR

The warnings show up in errors.txt, but the build work OK on my A620.
Also, I'm talking plain vanilla (unmodified) dev kit + trunk source here.

greets, wim

edit: ... and the warnings have been here from my first compile (that was trunk 267, IIRC)

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Re: What's your CHDK IQ?
« Reply #11 on: 09 / February / 2008, 12:12:46 »
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