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Draw pixel from script

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Draw pixel from script
« on: 18 / March / 2010, 19:19:06 »

I'd like to find a way to manipulate pixels on the LCD from script.  I've tried building CHDK with a new uBasic command "draw_pixel", which calls the draw_pixel() function, however this has met with no success.  A script using the command will run, but no pixels are changed on-screen.




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Re: Draw pixel from script
« Reply #1 on: 18 / March / 2010, 22:13:47 »
The drawing should probably happen in the spytask task which draws most of the rest of the CHDK gui, and be repeated on each re-draw as long as you want the pixel to be visible. So I would suggest that the script commands built up a list of things to draw, and some code in the gui actually takes care of drawing them.

Scripts run in the kbd (aka physw) task.
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