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disabling scripts

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disabling scripts
« on: 19 / March / 2010, 02:53:30 »
i want to use other features bracketing etc... but the last script (time lapse or others) always run. i cant find where to temp disable them.
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Re: disabling scripts
« Reply #1 on: 19 / March / 2010, 03:13:03 »
You don't need to disable the script. In alt mode, pressing the shutter always runs a script. If you haven't selected one, the built in default script is run. If for some reason you want  to go back to the default script, you can load any empty file as a script.

If you want to shoot normally, leave alt mode. To use bracketing, set it up first in the alt mode options, then leave alt mode to shoot.

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Re: disabling scripts
« Reply #2 on: 20 / March / 2010, 00:22:32 »
thanks for that. i was ready to unload all of the scripts to to be able to use a longer than the manufactures 15 second exposure.


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