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Raw problem with sx10

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Raw problem with sx10
« on: 20 / March / 2010, 11:31:44 »
Well i have some problem with shooting raw photos. When i turn my camera on and ajduist the raw file, it indicates that I can shoot 90 more raw photos, and for example 320 "normal" photos ( jpeg format ). When i take a shot, it indicates that i can take 89 more raws, and 316 jpegs. Where's the problem ? The problem is that when I upload those photos to computer, they are all in jpeg format. So what i need to do ? I did the format on my memory card and re-installed cdhk, but still there shat problem.


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Re: Raw problem with sx10
« Reply #1 on: 20 / March / 2010, 12:00:42 »
To upload the raw photos you MUST use a card reader - you can't do it by plugging the camera into the computer (all that will transfer is the jpegs).
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Re: Raw problem with sx10
« Reply #2 on: 20 / March / 2010, 12:06:09 »
Thank you so much !
It works :D


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Re: Raw problem with sx10
« Reply #3 on: 20 / March / 2010, 13:21:28 »

With the SX10 you CAN transfer the CHDK RAWs via USB connection to your MS Windows-driven PC:

- use .CR2 as file name extension (set up in the CHDK RAW menu)
- before you connect the camera to the PC's USB port you must power off and power on the camera (important !)
- connect the camera, do not use the Windows transfer assistant - open the Windows Explorer,
- transfer (copy, e.g. with drag&drop or cut&paste) the images to your hard disc.

You can also transfer RAW images in the DNG format this way, but you must use .CR2 filename extension in CHDK;
after transfering the files you have to rename them (give them the correct extension .DNG).

Re: Raw problem with sx10
« Reply #4 on: 22 / March / 2010, 12:19:33 »
I have another problem with raw photos. I changed the file name extension in dng, but the problem is that the photo is same as the jpg, while the real raw photos are dark and "murky". I did what fe50 said, and changed into .cr2, but I can't view that photo in free raw viewer, infranview nor lightroom. Please would someone tell me ( from the begining ), step by step, how can I enable this thing ?

EDIT : I downloaded contenta cr2 viewer but still photos are like normal jpeg
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Re: Raw problem with sx10
« Reply #5 on: 23 / March / 2010, 18:58:48 »
You need to understand
1) extension is just some text, doesn't affect the actual file format. If you give a file an extension that doesn't match the actual format (e.g. telling CHDK to save DNG with extension CR2), it is up to you to correct that or inform whatever programs you use of the actual format.

2) CHDK raw is not CRW or CR2, no matter what extension you use. See the sticky threads in this forum. Programs designed for the real canon CRW/CR2 will not understand these files. Programs that understand many image formats may recognize the CHDK format, and may or may not correctly handle files in DNG format that have one of these extensions.

3) CHDK raw contains no metadata (white balance, color matrix etc), so programs that do understand it will generally display very wrong colors without additional information (e.g dng4ps takes it from the corresponding jpeg, other programs might have presets or command line options.)

4) CHDK DNG contains metadata, but the quality of the color matrix varies between ports. If the matrix is good, a program that understands DNG should display the DNG with near correct colors, meaning it will look much like the jpeg by default. You still have all the data that would be available in the CHDK raw.
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