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Tips to improve photos G9

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Tips to improve photos G9
« on: 24 / March / 2010, 23:59:36 »
I have a G9.  I previously had an Olympus C-7000.

I often take photos at locations like concerts.  Generally dark, but the subject is usually lit by a spotlight.  Without using the flash, I just used AUTO and the photo would be set to ISO125, 1/30, F4.5.  The photos usually come out a little dark, but brightening them on the computer usually yields good results without much noise.

With the Canon G9, I get ISO200, 0"8, F4.8.  If I set to AUTO, I get 1/60.  I'm not sure why AUTO decides on a lower shutter speed or how to get other modes to choose the lower number.

However, even if I force the Canon G9 to approx the same settings as the olympus, I find that all of my Canon photos come out a bit darker and with more noise than what I get with the olympus.  Without these forced settings, I find that the photos usually come out way too dark or the right brightness but with alot of noise.

Am I missing something?  or is the G9, just not as good of a camera.  From looking at the specs, I would think the G9 should be much better than this.

The main reason I wanted a new camera was to find something that took better pictures, where I did not need to do as much post processing and one that would let me zoom while taking videos.  CHDK has solved one of those problems, but it seems that this camera is much more noisy than my olympus.


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