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CHDK to disable lens retract

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CHDK to disable lens retract
« on: 22 / March / 2010, 14:42:16 »
Hello, I've been reading for a couple of days about all that CHDK is capable of and wanted to ask if any of you knows its capability to disable lens retracting when powering off.

Why would I want this? Speed! I would use a lens adapter with an UV or polarizer filter to protect the lens and keep it always out so when I need to power up and take a shot, I can do in less than 0.5s.

Don't need the whole solution implemented (unless you already have it). I can do some scripting myself but don't want to dig too deep if someone already knows this is impossible or sounds like a terrible idea.

Thanks for your help,


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Re: CHDK to disable lens retract
« Reply #1 on: 22 / March / 2010, 16:07:46 »
Shutting down with lens out is easy. Developers do that by accident all the time, because that's what usually happens when the camera firmware crashes :D.

Problem is, when you power on the camera, the lens will get retracted back in (and then immediately out again if you powered to rec mode). This is not a new request, someone may have looked around their camera's firmware to see if it would be easy to get around this. In any case, this likely requires the use of some asm magic, meaning a skilled hacker with a fair amount of spare time is required and even then it might not work. And this would probably be tedious to port to other cameras.


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