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Canon A 710-IS correct vers. CHDK-NO WAY will it save it to the card me !

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Help please--I have seen all the new goodies that CHDK does inside my Canon A 710 IS--but I CAN'T seem to make anything permanent beyond a restart of the camera!!

I follow the instructions ( more or less, as they are a bit different on my Canon) I power down the camera and remove the 4GB SDHC card and slide the lock botton to lock it. On re-starting the camera I have two probs;-

1) The display says "locked card" ( I can live with that if it still records my pics/ video)

2) All the CHDK new displays have disappeared and the only way to get them back is to go right through the "install on camera" routine again.

In any case, if I power down and re start the Canon the CHDK stuff is NOT retained.

The difference between the instructions and my display is that the instructions tell me;-

 " - If you would like to have CHDK auto-load every time you power on your camera, then go into CHDK's menu system. (Press "Shortcut" to enter <ALT> mode, then your "Menu" button to enter CHDK's menus.) Scroll to the bottom of the main CHDK menu to the "Debug Parameters" option.

- Enter the "Debug" menu and scroll to "Make Card Bootable...". Press your "Set" button. "

On my Canon display the "Debug Prameters" option comes under " Other stuff"

What I am also noticing is that when I ( carefully) press the "Select" button to confirm the " Make card bootable", there does not seem to be any reaction in the menu at all--i.e. no ticks, no crosses, no "OK", -  just a jump of the line down the right hand side of the menu display.

Is there something that I am too stupid to follow? Am I "Mentally Challenged?"  Please help set me straight. Thanks in advance.

Ian ( Island of Malta)


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If you are using a 4 GB card, it is probably formatted FAT32. To autoboot, the card must be formatted FAT16, or use multiple partitions and have a FAT16 partition as the first partition. 4GB FAT 16 is nonstandard, but works fine with CHDK cameras as far as we know. This is generally easier to set up and use than multiple partitions. See
Don't forget what the H stands for.

Thanks for your quick / informative / helpful reply. I formatted the card FAT16 and just took some pics, restarted the Canon and all appears to be working well. I suppose I could have researched those details on the net, but I prefer to get up-to-the-minute advice from this forum.

Now I need to leap into the Mediterranean  Sea to video/zoom some fish on the fast frame rate WITH ZOOM enabled. ( The battery life  % will be a god-send. NOT easy to "change batteries" at 60 metres under the sea!!)

 Thanks for your help again.

Ian.  :lol


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