EOS 350D/400D: Where is configuration stored when Camera is turned off?

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Hey there!

Owning a 400D I am using this (http://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php/topic,3290.0.html) mod, to extend functionality of my camera. Now I ran into the problem, that I am not able to copy any image off the cam, when there are more then 300 pictures on the cf card and the custom firmware is loaded.

So my idea was to make loading of the custom fw configurable. Like "Set Beep to Off and restart to not boot the custom FW".
I already have code (running!) to bypass the custom fw and jump straight to factory clean fw. But now I want to read out configuration and this is where my problem starts:

I don't know, where config is stored before cam is initialized. If I access the known locations (0x16B60 / 0x25E20) right before jumping to romStart (0xFF8100A0), then everything is set to 0x0 and I can do just nothing with it.
Through reading the code and trying many many things on my own cam I figured out where 0x25E20 is initialized and filled with data. But then I realized that data is just copied from 0x16B60 right after boot.

So now I want to ask if anyone knows, where configuration is stored on 350D or, even better, 400D. :-)
Well, even if you have any idea which method may be doing the copy, just tell me!

Oh, and, well, does anyone have any documentation about how memory is segmented at all on these cams?

Thanks in advance!


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