Account blocked because of a bad email

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Account blocked because of a bad email
« on: 05 / April / 2010, 22:37:28 »

I can't log in my account anymore (phKU).

The reason is I started the email change procedure but never received the activation email after numerous attempts. My new email address is provided by a remailer service ( which works very well with all other sites I've registered through. But with chdk forum mails, soodonims counter shows it received-forwarded the mail but I never get it at my final mailbox. I think the issue may be caused by a non standard header in the emails chdk send.

Unfortunately, chdk forum procedure for changing an unactivated account email doesn't work ("Did you miss your activation mail?" link). The new email address is never used and the activation mail goes continually to the problematic soodonims address.

I would be glad if an admin could let me pm him a working email address to update my phKU account with and would also suggest to the team to at least fix the "Did you miss your activation mail?" procedure for the others.

TIA in advance for the help and of course for this wonderful place  :)



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Re: Account blocked because of a bad email
« Reply #1 on: 15 / April / 2010, 13:20:50 »
Fixed by admin.

Thanks !  :D


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