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« on: 08 / June / 2010, 12:22:16 »
Hi, I'm using SDM 1.83 in my twin SD870's. I often use the cameras in video mode for short 3D videos. I can view the videos by attaching a (lens type) viewer to my stereo rig. However, in order to trigger the video play buttons on both cameras (via remote USB trigger) I have to go into the alt menu / stereo / playback mode / and choose pair or mono. The trouble is once I switch to camera mode and back to preview I have to do it all over again. Perhaps someone might know what I'm doing wrong or if I'm asking too much of the software. Thanks, from a newb who is forever grateful for your talent.

« Reply #1 on: 08 / June / 2010, 12:40:59 »
Those playback options are for still images, not videos.

In Playback, the remote switch can browse still images or movies.

To toggle between those two options, enter ALT mode and briefly press the SET button.

'Image' or 'Movie' will be displayed at the bottom of the screen to indicate current playback browsing mode.



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