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Card Serial Number

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Card Serial Number
« on: 12 / April / 2010, 12:41:30 »
I find the card usage information like Space used. Is there a way to provide more information like SD Card unique Serial number. Naming Photos based on that serial number or something like that.


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Re: Card Serial Number
« Reply #1 on: 12 / April / 2010, 18:48:44 »
i never heard that SD cards have serial numbers. at least i dont know of any way to show & use that information via chdk.


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Re: Card Serial Number
« Reply #2 on: 12 / April / 2010, 21:39:52 »
For naming photos you can use "stift's" very handy TagMe lua script - Tagme.lua

Re: Card Serial Number
« Reply #3 on: 12 / April / 2010, 23:31:49 »
each SD card has a unique serial number, (not the windows provided volume id). its a part of SD card spec.  I havent seen many people using it. thought i could use it if possible


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Re: Card Serial Number
« Reply #4 on: 13 / April / 2010, 14:43:54 »
Serial number sounds like something that would require low level access to the card, which I'm afraid is currently beyond CHDK's capabilities.

CHDK certainly could be modified rename files according to user setup, but renaming files causes severe usability problems: Renamed files probably disappear from play mode (or show as broken images until rebooted) and they may not be available for USB photo transfer via PTP at all, only card readers. For RAW/DNG PLAY mode doesn't matter, and USB doesn't matter if you don't use USB anyway (possibly the majority of users do, though).

I'm not sure why you'd want to tie file naming to a specific card, but if it's enough to have this code in EXIF (you can always mass rename with exiftool according to any tag), I guess you could find a way to have CHDK change the camera owner string in ROM whenever a card with a code different from the previous card's code is insterted. The code would be stored in a file on each card somewhere. If you only shoot DNG, this is of course much easier since CHDK writes the DNG EXIF.

Re: Card Serial Number
« Reply #5 on: 12 / January / 2012, 07:57:30 »
indeed every card does have a unique serial no - i have used the same for copy protection of my software in a few cases.

however only the gurus will be able to tell us if such info is available at the CHDK level.

EDIT - Very sorry was searching and never realised that the thread was that old- i should'nt have posted
will take care henceforth 


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