for who removed the ir filter of the camera

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for who removed the ir filter of the camera
« on: 28 / October / 2015, 17:39:21 »
month ago i tryed to do infrared pictures and i know i must remove the ir filter for take picture in that spectrum so i removed the ir filter but... the image don't focus normaly and take blurred picture specialy when i zoom and i readed i need to replace the ir filter by a glass of the same thickness but clear i tested to broke a lamp but its is not the same tickness and in a flea market i found a camera in 1€ but it don't worked well so i see if i can found a glass to use as clear glass filter and i see the ccd have a glass just on it so i removed it and it worked well!
so for who want to find a glass for replace the ir filter take a broken camera and remove the filter on the ccd (AA filter?) and use it its the same thikness of the ir filter!


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