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PowerShot SX210 IS - Porting Thread

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Re: PowerShot SX210 IS - Porting Thread
« Reply #480 on: 23 / July / 2011, 11:27:21 »
Please excuse a couple of questions from a total non-developer. I have used chdk with another camera and would like to do the same with my sx210is. Q1. Where do I find the latest version to try? Q2. When trying to use an unofficial build is there any chance, whatsoever, of doing permanent damage to the camera.
1) I'd start here :   http://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php?topic=5045.msg69340#msg69340

2) There is always that chance with any CHDK build - official, unofficial or otherwise.
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Re: PowerShot SX210 IS - Porting Thread
« Reply #481 on: 26 / July / 2011, 17:57:23 »
Hi, I'm new to CHDK, but loving the idea. However, I've loaded the latest version from this thread on my SX210IS, and have two problems so far:

1) The "half shutter and down" shortcut does nothing to enable/disable the overrides. Instead it toggles the histogram. I've tried using up, right and left instead, but they do nothing.

2) The shutter speed override doesn't work; I can see the override setting in the override window, but it doesn't use the selected shutter speed.

Any ideas on these points?



Re: PowerShot SX210 IS - Porting Thread
« Reply #482 on: 31 / July / 2011, 03:33:01 »

this was originally posted in the sx200 porting thread, but I have just found this thread

I am looking for a way to fit a polarising filter to the sx200 and came across the following item on Amazon.com


it is for a SX210 and SX210IS, but does anyone know if it will fit the SX200IS

I presume it works by slipping round the lens mount which sticks out from the camera body

but I dont know if the lens mount on an sx210 is a slightly different size from the sx200,

on my SX200 I measure the lens mount to be about 54.5mm, but I dont know the dimensions of the SX210

could one of you owners of an sx210 measure the diameter of the lens mounting  and the length of the lens at its maximum zoom, and post the answers here please.

If any of you already have this item could you describe how it works

thanks for any help


Re: PowerShot SX210 IS - Porting Thread
« Reply #483 on: 01 / August / 2011, 23:54:05 »
after a few years I got another canon camera. This time it's a powershot sx210 and I have to say, almost everything works properly. The only problem I'm having is with the menu, I start in the "script" menu and I can't go back =/

Any one else having the same problem? or have solved this already?

Re: PowerShot SX210 IS - Porting Thread
« Reply #484 on: 04 / August / 2011, 08:02:04 »

Re: PowerShot SX210 IS - Porting Thread
« Reply #485 on: 04 / August / 2011, 09:02:53 »
1. the raw images, no matter which format they are (crw, cr2, jpg) i'm not able to open them in any of the applications on my mac os x (10.7 lion). infact they are being reported as corrupted.
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Re: PowerShot SX210 IS - Porting Thread
« Reply #486 on: 15 / August / 2011, 06:44:41 »
I'm using the lastest version of CHDK and SDHC class 10 32 gb card (SiliconPower). Windows test shows that write speed is around 17 mb/sec, but when i set video quality to 99 it hangs after some time (from 1 to 30 seconds). CHDK osd shows maximum writespeed around 7600 kb/sec. What's wrong ? is it photocamera cpu or smth wrong with sdhc card ?
p.s. even at 80 quality video recording could hang in some cases


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Re: PowerShot SX210 IS - Porting Thread
« Reply #487 on: 16 / August / 2011, 11:40:39 »
Even with class 10, video quality should be between 65-75, higher than that it has a higher bitrate than the card speed, you can check it looking at the bitrate of the video.

Re: PowerShot SX210 IS - Porting Thread
« Reply #488 on: 29 / August / 2011, 16:48:39 »

Ok Latest version with latest trunk 1211 - version 1.9


I would like to help with porting of the CHDK to the  PowerShot SX210 IS. I tested trunk 1211 - version 1.9. It is working but there are a view things that need improvement. For example the blinking menu. I have programming experience with C/C++. Maybe we can work together, to ensure that it becomes part of the stable release. This seems a nice challenge and convenient for personal use.

I'm Curious what you think of my proposal.

Greetings Roy

White balance issue when using Rawtherapee 4.0
« Reply #489 on: 09 / September / 2011, 15:24:53 »
Hello all. I am a CHDK and DNG newbie (although not a complete RAW newbie), and I am loving the CHDK hack and being able to shoot DNG with my SX210. I have also been enjoying using Raw Therapee 4.0 to process the SX210's DNG files. I posted this thread in the Rawtherapee forums:

This was the original question I posed:

Hello all. I am enjoying RT3.0 very much - amazing software!

I have Bibblepro 4 for my D50 NEF files. But I recently got a Canon SX210 and am using CHDK to get DNG files out of it, and bibblepro4 doesn't recognize them. So, I am trying out RT3.0

When I load up one of the DNG files using any of the profiles (ie neutral), the WB temperature is always set at 12000. That seems odd. And, if I want the image to be warmer (matching what I get in the SX210's auto WB JPG), I can't do it because I can't increase the WB past 12000.

I have started playing with the HSV tool to manipulate various colors, but I thought I would ask here to see if anyone has any ideas.

I was asked to supply a sample image and I posted the below:

Quote from: MichaelEzra
could you please post a screen shot which image requires a white balance >12000

I am not sure if this one "requires" a white balance > 12000, but I think that it would be nice to be able to warm up this (or similar) image a bit if desired (maybe I'm nuts for wanting that LOL!). In RT4, I used the "neutral" profile, and ALL I did is increase the exposure a bit. The white balance is at 12000, and it can not be warmed up via the temperature slider (or "click white" tool).

Btw, I uploaded these to Picasa Web Albums, and I don't really know how it works yet. The images were uploaded at 1200 pixels wide, but I seem to only be able to show 800 pixel wide versions here. The link is below the image.


This is the same DNG image but processed via Picasa. The only thing that I did in Picasa to this image is to slide the "Color Temperature" slider all the way to the right (not something that I would normally do!), so this is as warm as Picasa will make it. But, you can see that it is considerably warmer than what can be done via RT4's temperature slider:


Based in ejmartins' suggestions, in RT4 I quickly fooled around with the channels, and was able to duplicate the warmth that I was able to get out of Picasa (using Picasa's color temperature slider):


So thanks to Emil, I see now that it is possible to get my images warmer in RT4 if I want them to be. It would be easier/nicer if the temperature tool allowed for it, but at least it can be done.

The last question posed to me is as follows:

Since there are no color matrices for CHDK cameras in dcraw (and therefore, unless someone supplies one, in RT), what matrix profile does RT use to convert the image? Is one supplied in the raw file?

I don't know the answer to that, but I figured that someone monitoring this forum/thread might have some valuable input.




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