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A490 Porting

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Re: A490 Porting
« Reply #220 on: 09 / February / 2013, 00:31:07 »
Nope, it's disabled by default. I takes about the same time for both the .lua and .bas files. Disabling RAW/DNG on my A2200 sped it up quite a bit, so I was disappointed to see it was already disabled on this one.
The intervalometer script that comes with the CHDK distribution is intentionally simplistic.  Itwould help the CHDK community if you would search out other scripts and see what works better on both of your cameras.  Here's a good place to start : http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/UBASIC/Scripts#Intervalometers
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Re: A490 Porting
« Reply #221 on: 09 / February / 2013, 00:35:08 »
Thanks, I'll check that out.

Re: A490 Porting
« Reply #222 on: 09 / February / 2013, 00:45:44 »
Thanks, I'll check that out.
FWIW,   almost all  CHDK intervalometer scripts wait for some time delay specific to the script and then try to shoot.  If its a dim lighting condition or obscure subject matter or troublesome scene for finding a focus point them taking the actual shot could take some time.  This is a problem with your camera - not  CHDK or the intervalometer script.
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Re: A490 Porting
« Reply #223 on: 18 / July / 2013, 22:20:48 »
a490 100f version with remote shoot JPG support.  Please test and report.
edit: tpont reported that rs -jpg is not working,  new version attached . Mute on zoom implemented too.
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Re: A490 Porting
« Reply #224 on: 22 / July / 2013, 05:59:19 »
Feedback on nafraf's a490-100f-1.2.0-rs-jpg-v4.zip in the previous post:
- mute on zoom during video recording now works!
- rs -jpg now also works using the latest chdkptp *if* the camera has the right settings:

If the camera mode is P and set to "Continuous" then one rs shoot works but gives a memory card error message on the camera and any subsequent commands will throw a "timed out uninit a script is already running" error message. But if the camera is in mode AUTO or in mode P set to "Single Shoot" then rs works just fine. None of the other settings in mode P seem to result in any errors either.

Thank you nafraf!
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