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how to keep "macro photography state"?

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how to keep "macro photography state"?
« on: 25 / April / 2010, 11:26:31 »
I am using a720

I use "macro photography state"(i.e. the button with a flower on it) to shoot insects and flowers very often. But it is so bad that everytime after I preview a photo and then change back to "take photo" mode, the "macro photography state" is cleared, thus I have to press the button with flower again.

That is boring. Is there any script/method to let a720 remember the "macro photography state"? If that can be done during boot up, that would be more great.



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Re: how to keep "macro photography state"?
« Reply #1 on: 25 / April / 2010, 14:53:40 »
I believe It actually doesn't get cleared until the lens gets drawn in (like manual focus and zoom positions). Therefore if you have the option to make that power saving timeout longer from Canon's settings menu, it may help a bit. Other than that, options are a bit scarce. CHDK could probably be made to do this, but current versions don't.

You can however set a script autostart at boot time and have it
- check that you booted to rec mode, end & exit alt if you aren't
- wait until the camera is likely ready to receive keypresses
- press the MF button a suitable amount of times to switch to macro mode
- exit alt mode


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