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Bootable SD Card and Canon A640

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Bootable SD Card and Canon A640
« on: 26 / April / 2010, 09:31:17 »
Unfortunately my Canon A560 was destroyed and I must buy a new camera before july.

On A560 I had problems with bootable SD card. When I turned on the camera it didn't open the lens but started in preview mode.

I want to know if the CHDK autoload from bootable SD card works good on A640 which I want to buy. Does the camera open the lens or it starts in preview mode?

I have to use CHDK on A640 because it has an irritating video limit to 1GB filesize. On A560 I was often recording much longer videos, even 32 minutes on a 4GB SDHC memory card. I have to get rid of that limit on A640 first! Can CHDK really remove that limit? Could someone check it for me?


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