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Raw is the best thing ever

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Raw is the best thing ever
« on: 27 / April / 2010, 00:18:18 »
Alright, so I haven't shot with a chdk camera in about 3 years since I went to the dark side with a dslr (hehe), BUTT, I just wanted to show you guys a perfect example where Raw is seriously the best thing for digital photographers.

The histogram on this picture was almost perfect, centered right about in the middle. Using Lightroom 2.7 and the 14-bit raw from my T1i, I was able to really bring out the colors with this picture.

I haven't been on here in a while, has any progress been made with the dslrs? I'd love to have the old features I miss so much such as automated bracketed shooting (more than 3 exposures that the dslr can do normally), motion activated shooting, super long exposures, etc.

I miss chdk!!
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