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Looking for a CHDK developer for a custom application using CHDK as a foundation

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Well, the first attempt did not work.
Not only that, my A620 crashes with the original version of the code (that you have).

So, I will have to get that working again first.


Take your time.

I'm hopefully getting my G11 today. The local camera store in town I do business is a bit slow at ordering cameras. I believe in keeping the small family owned store in business whenever I can. I let the huge chain stores have my business as a last resort.

I'd say soon I'll need the G11 version (just as soon as I find out the FW version).


G11 did not come in today. Bummer.

Too bad.

I have fixed the problem and have generated a parameter set with last-used  values in.

Bedtime now so will continue tomorrow.

My G11 came in yesterday evening. I was not able to pick it up due to the late arrival. I will have this evening. Woohoo.

Whenever your code is ready, if you'd like to send it on for the A720 and the S5IS I'll start testing and get back to you tomorrow with the firmware version of my new G11 that would be great.

Sigh of relief :D. Things are coming together.


Forgot to mention, I've been using your previous version sucessfully after having to make small adjustments to enable the parameters I need. Hence, the reason I wanted the ability to save the paramater settings.

The parameter-set with the changed values is being created correctly but the camera crashes so I have to solve that little problem.

Waiting patiently :) :)

Or am I chomping at the bit?  ??? ??? :lol

My wife is on the way to pick up my G11.
Matter of hours I'll be playing with my new camera. It's like Christmas but not! (Why do guys get so excited about their new toys).


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