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A2000IS help needed

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A2000IS help needed
« on: 09 / May / 2010, 02:03:50 »
I have the most recent build of CHDK for my A2000IS. Its labeled as a BETA. I am wondering when the permanent version will come out. I gather these are bugs, or maybe just errors on my part. I cannot seem to get the camera to autofocus when zooming in video, if I zoom in on video its out of focus and I cant seem to find a button (AF key) to focus, I have to stop and restart the video. The other issue is dark frame subtraction, I have it switched to on but I dont think its working because there's no delay after I take the photo and the hot pixel I have still appears.
I have the "C" firmware version and used Card Tricks to install the CHDK onto a 4GB card. Any answers would be very much appreciated.


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Re: A2000IS help needed
« Reply #1 on: 09 / May / 2010, 05:13:27 »
As this camera is still at beta the best place to ask questions is in the development thread
( DryOS Development/A2000 porting )
I have taken a look at the focus issue and posted a test version in the porting thread for checking.
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Re: A2000IS help needed
« Reply #2 on: 10 / May / 2010, 00:06:18 »
Thanks. I'll post my issue in there.


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