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Usability / Support of presets for CHDK and / or original firmware.

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I use CHDK for panorama and HDR photography with a SX110 and I have a workflow question / comment.

Currently, I if I shoot a HDR sequence I use the following workflow:

1) Starting the camera and selecting AV Mode
2) Adjusting manual focus / ISO / WB
3) Setting custom timer (e.g. 7 images with a 5 second delay)
4) Selecting via the Alt key and menu key the User menu
5) Selecting in the user menu the EV Value
Additionally, I select a different bracketing type (+ instead of +/-) for night shots
If the sequence is part of a panorama I usually use an intervalometer script with 5 seconds between shots to adjust camera position

Problematic about this workflow is the fact that it takes up quite some time for setup (including the chance for mistakes) if you are operating in a time critical environment.

After checking the manuals I don't think that there is a possibility to store all the setting in one place (e.g. like presets for scripts). So is there any possibility to store presets including CHDK and Firmware parameters maybe via scripts?

Would it be possible to include such presets in CHDK. Something like a recall / store menu entry would be perfect or is this an issue that can not be solved by CHDK?




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it is a planned feature, but it was never coded due to time or motivational issues.
but it is not as easy as it may look like, as some camera settings can not be set easily.

Thanks for the quick response - I wait till then ;) . I understand that this a complex task.



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