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Non Bayer ,no matrix

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Non Bayer ,no matrix
« on: 10 / May / 2010, 14:48:51 »
Hello I,m a newbie.
I have an Old 350 D witch I use for astrophotografy, would it be possible to avoid the bayer matrix? now I need 4 pixel for 1 star ( 2 red,1green,1 blue) what I like is to use 1 pixel for 1 star, so it would be working as a super resolution in monchrome.
As I said, i,m a newbie, I did search in the forum, hopefully I mist it.
I downloaded the programs for booting up from flashdisk, they write about , blue and green light then ok? I dont see no lights expts red .

thanks for your answer


Re: Non Bayer ,no matrix
« Reply #1 on: 10 / May / 2010, 17:11:53 »
I managed to boot from CF card.. ISO 3200 , great..


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Re: Non Bayer ,no matrix
« Reply #2 on: 10 / May / 2010, 23:37:32 »
If your camera can capture raw images, you can get individual elements of the bayer pattern, but they will still be filtered for red green or blue. You obviously cannot get true monochrome, because the filters that make up the bayer pattern are a physical part of the sensor (and unlike the IR filters on some cameras, cannot easily be removed).
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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Re: Non Bayer ,no matrix
« Reply #3 on: 14 / May / 2010, 18:02:03 »
If you can uniformly illuminate the CCD with light that has a similar spectrum to what you are shooting (presumably stars, so perhaps solar would be close enough) you can determine on a pixel by pixel basis how much you need to adjust the gain of each pixel to get a reasonable gray scale image.  Try Googling "taking flat frames" or "generating flat frames".


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