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SD700 <ALT> mode doesn't work

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SD700 <ALT> mode doesn't work
« on: 17 / May / 2010, 20:39:05 »
Hi, I have an SD700IS, with 1.01A firmware and consistently the <ALT> mode (direct print) button doesn't work.

I've tried the current, and even the old stable and always have the same problem. CHDK is running (I see the splash screen at startup), and I can see the battery charge and optical sensor temperature display. I've had it working before with an older build, so I generally know what I'm doing, that's why I find this so frustrating, I've looked at a lot of the documentation, nothing gets me any closer...

Any suggestions?


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Re: SD700 <ALT> mode doesn't work
« Reply #1 on: 18 / May / 2010, 01:23:28 »
Are you sure the button is working correctly ?

-> test it without running CHDK: register a function with visible feedback to the SHORTCUT/PRINT button in the Canon menu

Otherwise - delete your CHDK configuration file  \CHDK\cchdk.cfg  & make sure the filesystem is not corrupted.
I suggest to format the SD card in the camera and to download/install a new & fresh full CHDK package...


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