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IR Remote control

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IR Remote control
« on: 22 / May / 2010, 05:34:46 »
I wonder if it would be possible, for motion detection to "read" an Infra Red (IR) remote control, (this might prove too cpu intensive). An alternative possibility might be to use the USB port to listen for IR (using an IR  to serial device, either off the shelf, or PIC based).

The idea (rather obviously) would be to use the IR to trigger the camera, or better still to control it.

Expanding on this idea, any of the "smart" cheap off the shelf "Universal X in One" type IR controllers for TV,DVD,Sat etc could be programmed to emulate a particular controller (say a particular common model of DVD player. since this would have menu arrows, set, start, stop etc), as this would mean the camera would only need to understand a fairly limited sub set of IR codes, rather than having to use a look up table for all of the possible types of remote.

Appologies if this idea has been thought of before, but I had a quick look about and couldn't find any very similar ideas.
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