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Refurb A2000

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Refurb A2000
« on: 21 / May / 2010, 15:30:31 »

This is just a warning to those who might be interested in the refurbished A2000's that have been appearing on Adorama's web site or on Amazon (sold by Adorama).  I have bought several of these and they all have had a problem of blurriness on one side in wide angle images.  Adorama has been great in accepting my returns.  Their customer service is not my problem.
However the claim that these cameras have been "refurbished" to like-new specifications is not true.  I think the camera problems are due to manufacturing defects and were not corrected in the "refurbishing".  The cameras were just resold at a lower price hoping that customers would not notice the problems.  It may be Canon that is responsible for this, not Adorama.
I would be interested in the experience of other A2000 owners.  My other Canons (570,590,720,sx10) were always very sharp (for a P&S).  I ended up buying one new A2000.  It is OK, but not nearly as sharp at the edges at wide angle as (say) my A720.  Maybe a new manufacturing technique is causing problems.



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