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S90 LCD/Sensor Scripts for Viewfinder Mods

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S90 LCD/Sensor Scripts for Viewfinder Mods
« on: 24 / May / 2010, 21:59:38 »
I got an S90, and like a bunch of folks out there I really wanted a built-in physical viewfinder (like all the previous "S" models had) -- or a shoe to attach one to. I've seen a few people attaching a "coldshoe" to the camera and adding an optical VF, but that still leaves the issue of having a proper OVF setting for the display and the sensor [which most canons with a built-in VF have via the DISP button]... which of course led me to CDHK.

I installed the 1.01A beta without any problems, and looked through the User Manual and the Forum to get a grasp of the issue. I tried out the MISC LCD Off script and looked at suggestions for LCD control in Intervalometer, Video, and Power Saving topics. I feel like i understand the issue now, but I'm not finding a direct solution...

I need a script(s) to:

1) At Execution, full-time, no buttons pressed = LCD OFF/ SENSOR OFF
2) At Shutter Half-Press = LCD OFF / SENSOR ON
3) At Shutter Full-Press = LCD OFF / SENSOR CAPTURE
4) After Shutter Release = LCD ON FOR REVIEW (w/ scripted time or menu setting) / SENSOR OFF

Any help on this is massively appreciated. THANKS!!


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