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dng for my A630?

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dng for my A630?
« on: 30 / May / 2010, 09:19:43 »
I recently downloaded and installed chdk for my A630...it all works well, lots of good new features, but I'm not having a good time playing with raw files, the main reason i wanted to try chdk...

A long time ago I downloaded dng4ps-2...it starts to work but usually crashes a few images into conversions...usually crashes after three or four images...

A guy on a different forum says his SD800 outputs standard dng files...is this possible with my A630 chdk?...I couldn't find this anyplace...maybe it's in the menus someplace while installed on my camera but i missed it?...

I use a mac, OS version 10.5.8, and I have recent copies of Photoshop and Lightroom...

thanks for any suggestions...



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Re: dng for my A630?
« Reply #1 on: 30 / May / 2010, 14:57:17 »
DNG is supported in a630. You can enable it under the raw menu. You must run the badpixel.lua script first.

See http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/CHDK_User_Manual#DNG_format
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Re: dng for my A630?
« Reply #2 on: 30 / May / 2010, 16:51:33 »
thanks reyalp for this link...already put the chdk back on my card, will go through the badpixel steps tomorrow morning when my brain is fresh...

thanks again



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