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A560 chdk boot issue

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A560 chdk boot issue
« on: 29 / May / 2010, 02:40:48 »
I'm trying to hack my a560 via 8GB SDHC card, but I'm having a little trouble loading the firmware. I followed the instructions on how to setup another partition so that I can autoboot chdk from the 8GB card (steps include loading small software on FAT32 partition then loading firmware manually), but once I got to the loading firmware manually part, I ran into a problem. I can't find the "update firmware" button. I'm in playback mode and I looked through all three menus, not one has the loading firmware option. Help please!


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Re: A560 chdk boot issue
« Reply #1 on: 29 / May / 2010, 03:59:27 »
Hello & welcome, bakwrdthr33s !

The menu option 'Play>Firmware update' is still missing whatever I try. I can not do any manual CHDK boot.
You'll get this menu item only when there's the PS.FI2 file is stored in the card's root (make sure the filename is really ps.fi2, on Mac OS remove additions like quarantine flags: http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/FAQ/Mac#Still_Having_Trouble.3F ) AND you start the camera in playback mode (lens retracted) with the [>] button.


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