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Time Lapse Video at 0.1 FPS?

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Time Lapse Video at 0.1 FPS?
« on: 07 / June / 2010, 15:29:40 »

I have done plenty of .bas files shooting JPGs and compiling them into an AVI using JPGVideo.  I would like to know if it is possible to set the FPS to something veeery low, like 1 FPS.  So, instead of handling JPGs and converting them into AVI, I would just get an AVI after several days.  I would like to be able to shoot 1 frame per second(1 FPS) or maybe even slower at 0.1 FPS. 

At 1 FPS, I would get a 30:1 video compression(30 seconds of time display in 1 second of video).

Also, is there a way of turning off the automatic focus on an SD300?  When I do a long video, there are always maybe 5% of the pictures(doing time lapse) which got a slightly different focus than the others.  I would like to eliminate that and have a static/manual focus the way that the video mode does.  When I shoot video, the focus does not change.  I wish that I could do the same for still photos.

I have a SD300 and part of the problem is that my camera does not have manual focus.


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