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The amazing benefits of CHDK became known to me by ... (pick one (or two) that's closest)

A friend, relative, someone I barely know ... told me.
18 (11.1%)
While surfing the net someone raved on and on about it in a post.
45 (27.8%)
One of my favorite online magazines did an article on it.
11 (6.8%)
This strange camera-shop owner whispered c.h.d.k to me as I left.
1 (0.6%)
I'm a counter-intelligence spy looking for new surveillance tools.
4 (2.5%)
I found a CHDK hand-bill shoved under my windshield wiper.
0 (0%)
Someone showed me an impossible photo done with CHDK, I had to know more.
6 (3.7%)
While sleeping my aluminum foil cap shifted and I heard CHDK in a dream.
9 (5.6%)
While researching Powershot cameras CHDK kept showing up.
31 (19.1%)
I bought a camera starter-kit with a coupon for free CHDK in it.
1 (0.6%)
I was really drunk, we started playing truth or dare, and, well ...
3 (1.9%)
I read about it in a regular magazine (I'm old fashioned that way).
6 (3.7%)
My regular cult ran out of things to worship, we voted on CHDK.
2 (1.2%)
My local TV station mentioned it in a "New Gadgets" segment.
0 (0%)
My employer told me I'd better learn CHDK or find another job.
0 (0%)
An amazing time-lapse video on YouTube mentioned using CHDK.
9 (5.6%)
My programming class instructor showed us CHDK and said, "Beat THIS!"
1 (0.6%)
There were no cameras capable for my science research needs.
5 (3.1%)
CHDK? You people are slow. I still have the original RAW hack!
5 (3.1%)
Can you believe they talked about it on my favorite Radio station? Of all places.
0 (0%)
I called Canon Tech Support asking for a feature I wanted/needed, they referred me here.
5 (3.1%)

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POLL: How did you find out about CHDK?

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Re: POLL: How did you find out about CHDK?
« Reply #20 on: 17 / November / 2009, 13:40:57 »
Found it because doing timelapse since my powershot A60, i was frustrated that with 0 and 1 (numeric) we cannot do what we want... 5 years later, after a discussion with friends, i search and find it...really unbelievable! over my dreams.
Everything is well done with chdk, build, forum, explanations...great works.
i don't know how to thx!


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Re: POLL: How did you find out about CHDK?
« Reply #21 on: 24 / November / 2009, 07:17:44 »
I'm not really sure because i found this site like a year or so ago and i bookmarked it and when i was going thru my bookmarked sites just a few days ago, i had to checked this one out and there it was...:)
CHDK rules !


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Re: POLL: How did you find out about CHDK?
« Reply #22 on: 06 / March / 2011, 13:30:29 »
I was trying to find an inexpensive camera that could run scripts (specifically weeks long continuous timelapse).  My first digital camera was a Kodak DC-290, and it could run scripts, but I was wearing it out taking pictures every 10 minutes for a month. 

I knew about CHDK long before I even had a Canon camera. I now have an SX130IS running scripts!  I love it, and IF NOT FOR CHDK I MIGHT NOT HAVE BOUGHT A CANON CAMERA!! 
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Re: POLL: How did you find out about CHDK?
« Reply #23 on: 29 / April / 2011, 18:47:19 »
I was looking for firmware  update/hack for my dvd player to make subtitles more readable and on one site there was link to article about CHDK week later my camera got broken and i decided to buy canon A2200 and wait for CHDK to be ported, sadly I cant find firmware update/hack for my dvd player

Re: POLL: How did you find out about CHDK?
« Reply #24 on: 23 / September / 2011, 10:59:11 »
I was looking for a compact camera with a possibility of HDR in 2007. With some google i discovered CHDK. Then i bought an A570 and the first thing i did was installing CHDK to it :-)
Now i bought an SX220 for the same reason. Great work!
A570, SX220 and SX50
Seven years experience using CHDK

Re: POLL: How did you find out about CHDK?
« Reply #25 on: 21 / December / 2012, 23:08:45 »
Magic Lantern site mentioned CHDK  :D


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