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PS SX120IS- Too much noise in DNG

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PS SX120IS- Too much noise in DNG
« on: 11 / June / 2010, 10:55:57 »

My first post here... I have a  PowerShot SX120 with CHDK. I am shooting in DNG. However, the images I get look far too noisy for me. I have the ''dark frame substraction'' setting on. I shot the dark frames covering the camera with a black cloth, in an almost dark room, ISO 80.

I am posting a detail of one of my photos. In this case, the ISO is 800. But I can't see any difference in noise reduction,  with or without dark frame substraction, with any bad pixel removal setting in any of my images, no matter the ISO.

Am I missing something? I would appreciate any kind of help. If necessary I can upload dng and jpeg images as required, including my dark frames.

Thank you!


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Re: PS SX120IS- Too much noise in DNG
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