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Many thanks...and a tiny suggestion

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Many thanks...and a tiny suggestion
« on: 14 / June / 2010, 17:13:28 »
Thank you to all who have worked to make the CHDK world what it is.  I am
in awe!

I just successfully installed CHDK on an used A530 I bought for the purpose, and
it works fine.

I was disturbed by the thought that the SD card was locked and that I would be
unable to take pictures!  This was reinforced by a mistaken first effort when the
camera displayed a CARD LOCKED message.

In going through the forum archives, it became apparent that lots of people
have had this crisis of faith. 

I believe it would be worth adding a few lines to the beginner documents to explain,
briefly, how the function of the SD card write-protect switch is changed by CHDK.  It's
a brilliant idea, and well executed, but I couldn't figure it out on my own at first.


Andrew Ellis
Lafayette, CA USA


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