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CHDK for Ixus 120 IS !

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CHDK for Ixus 120 IS !
« on: 14 / June / 2010, 22:52:57 »
hello all.Can anybody answer at this question please?
: is any CHDK for Ixus 120 IS goin be true or not ? and if yes it ll take time ?

Best regards
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Re: CHDK for Ixus 120 IS !
« Reply #1 on: 15 / June / 2010, 00:25:42 »

It looks like the firmware has been dumped, but not sure if anybody is working on it.

Re: CHDK for Ixus 120 IS !
« Reply #2 on: 17 / June / 2010, 12:43:54 »
i see nobody cares about that topic and also i wonder if someone works on this firmware.
im dont know how to work on a firmware so thats why im asking if someone does.
anyway i think this model will stay off CHDK and thats a pitty. :( [sorry about my bad english]

Best regards to all

Re: CHDK for Ixus 120 IS !
« Reply #3 on: 21 / June / 2010, 03:51:55 »
Just bought this camera yesterday.

It's a really nice camera, but for some reason it doesn't have as many manual options as previous models.

Re: CHDK for Ixus 120 IS !
« Reply #4 on: 24 / June / 2010, 15:18:35 »
Hello !

I 'have the mine from 2 days, a very nice camera with HD video !

Yes, it doesn't have some manual options like Tv priority, optical zoom in video reccord... that can be release with CHDK dump in the future ?

Excuse my english :-)



Re: CHDK for Ixus 120 IS !
« Reply #5 on: 01 / July / 2010, 05:29:22 »
I also got this camera recently. I just realised that there is no CHDK for it after I purchased it, "oh! [admin: avoid swearing please]!".It can shoot HD video, what a waste if it can not optical zoom during shooting and has a 10 minutes time limit for a video.
really hope someone can work on it.

Best regards.

Re: CHDK for Ixus 120 IS !
« Reply #6 on: 02 / July / 2010, 18:48:41 »
I think the performance HD video of the IXUS 120is exceed largely those of its photo quality.
I have since little, and I use much more as especially with his camcorder wide-angle 28mm and its satabilisation.

A my opinion he lacks little to become almost perfect:

- Activation of optical zoom for video reccord, with different speeds.
- Display and choice of the beam autofocus assets (If possible an Autofocus with faces detection).
- The possibility to memorise the exposition.

As camera, I see that CHDK has opened up important opportunities for the 100is. I hope that will be possible for the 120is. Someone can work on it ?.

Think of us who love this small object and thank you very much :-)

Excuse my English.

Re: CHDK for Ixus 120 IS !
« Reply #7 on: 04 / September / 2010, 21:56:59 »

I use CHDK and more specifically the USB remote trigger in my 590IS for digiscoping.

The result is great but now with my new Isux 120IS I can not use it. It's a shame that this camera does not have its version, is a great camera.

Is it possible that someone has set the version of firmware for isux 120 IS?

Thank you very much and greetings


Re: CHDK for Ixus 120 IS !
« Reply #9 on: 18 / September / 2010, 17:39:53 »
I sold my Ixus 120is since nobody works here.

The next time I buy, i look at whether the apparatus is supported by CHDK.

Thank you.


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