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Changing the ALT button on an A710IS

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Changing the ALT button on an A710IS
« on: 17 / June / 2010, 02:30:44 »
There is a thread here:

that documents changing the ALT button (to start / disable CHDK functions) on an A570. I'd be interested in finding out how to do exactly the same thing for my A710IS, if it's possible (which I assume it should be, if it can be done on the A570). Changing to the DISP button would be my preference, or something similar to what's been done for the A570 (ie hold down the DISP button etc.).

The reason I want to do so is exactly the same as the OP of the above thread cited: I use a Canon waterproof housing for the A710, and the housing has buttons on it for every camera button except the ALT button! So, if I have the CHDK set to auto-start, I can't disable it while I'm using it in the housing. So I can't switch from photo to video mode etc. which I'd really like to be able to do.

Is anyone able to help me with this? I don't really know the first thing about compiling code... but I'd be happy to send a few bucks to anyone who can help me with a stable and reliable fix to this (assuming that's within the rules of these forums).

Many thanks!


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