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Turn of LCD During Exposure

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Turn of LCD During Exposure
« on: 20 / June / 2010, 20:33:05 »
Hello! I'm a semi-experienced user of CHDK, and I use it mainly for the long exposure features and the scripting capabilities. I recently had an issue with my SX110IS, so I took it to Fry's and they gave me an SX120IS to use in the meantime, while the 110 is sent into Canon. CHDK runs well on this model, but the sensor itself is very noisy during long exposure shots.

I've tried several things to help, such as enabling Dark Frame Subtraction, moving it away from *any* extraneous light source, and reducing the brightness of the LCD for my shots. All of these efforts don't seem to fix the large amount of extraneous light that the sensor detects on the long exposures. I've attached a picture so you can see what I'm referring to (this is a 203 second exposure, with dark frame subtraction on, 2.77 aperture, ISO 80, no EV correction).

My guess is that the backlight from the LCD is somehow getting into the sensor. So, my question: is there a way to turn off the LCD during an exposure? I've read about the flashlight mode, but is there any way to do the opposite?


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Re: Turn of LCD During Exposure
« Reply #1 on: 21 / June / 2010, 00:51:06 »
I doubt this is your problem, but one simple way to turn off the LCD is to plug something into the A/V plug. You can use the real A/V adapter, or on cameras that don't include it in the USB plug, anything that fits in the socket. On most chdk cameras you can also use set_backlight in script to turn the backlight on or off.
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Re: Turn of LCD During Exposure
« Reply #2 on: 21 / June / 2010, 01:07:28 »
Hmm, if not the backlight, what else could it be?


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