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Ixus 100 - Rear Curtain Flash

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Ixus 100 - Rear Curtain Flash
« on: 21 / June / 2010, 18:14:48 »
Hi everybody,

I recently bought an Ixus 100 and was quite disappointed to discover that canon put a slow sync flash on the front curtain and not on the rear one.

 I was wondering I anyone know if it is possible to program a script to have such a functionality.

I'm very new to the subject but know how to program in assembler, Java and C.
So, basically my question is where can I find the list of usable function for my script?

I think I want to do something like this:
-calculate exposure for a slow sync flash mode
-open the shutter
-20ms (?) before end of exposure, flash
-close the shutter

thanks very much for any suggestions,

PS: By the way just to be sure if I execute a script does the parameters (ISO setting, focal length,...) stay after the end of the execution?


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