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DoF values and related

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DoF values and related
« on: 20 / June / 2010, 01:12:56 »
barberofcivil posted interestingly back in November 09 on the fact that he was developing the capability to offer a choice between metric units of measure and imperial units, and as I recall he offered to make such capability available to others.  Such capability would make CHDK considerably more useful to me than it already is.

I have read the arguments that DoF estimates are inaccurate, but I would find even an approximation to be useful.

Also, somewhere in the forums (fora?) I read a remark by someone who was apparently one of the senior developers who made what struck me as an amazingly dismissive response to someone asking for an option to choose imperial over metric units by saying,  in effect, that imperial units are of interest to residents of only 3 countries as apposed to the apparently multiple thousands who use metric, so the use of imperial units is a waste of time to discuss.

If one were to compare, not on the basis of number of countries, but instead on the number of cameras sold per country, it seems to me a very good case can be made to include an imperial option.

Clearly the gentleman's remark pushed some button of mine (perhaps the one at sea with metrics), and I apologize if my vitriol dump has been offensive to anyone.  In fact, I am grateful to that fellow and all the others who have put an unbelievable amount of effort into all of this.

Originally I just wanted to add my voice to those asking for an imperial option for DoF and other such areas.



Re: DoF values and related
« Reply #1 on: 20 / June / 2010, 06:23:02 »
First of all ... welcome !

That was me, I am no gentleman and I am certainly not offended    :).

Honestly, if we are just dealing with distances, especially 'macro' distances, is metric so difficult ?

You are obviously a US resident.

Many organisations in the US use the metric system, it has just not been 'officially' adopted by the US, Burma or Liberia.



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