Time/date mod to intervalometer script?

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    Time/date mod to intervalometer script?
    « on: 22 / June / 2010, 22:26:26 »
    I am doing a timelapse audit, and would like to include a date/time stamp on the images.
    This works fine in "postcard mode", but I'd like to see if I can use 640/480 to make more space on the sd card as I really don't need the detail.
      Are there any options I can play with in trying to get a date/time on resolutions other than 1600/1200?

      I wonder if the datestamp is a situation where Canon has a single, defined size datestamp and if it's put on a lower resolution picture it will look too big -but on a higher resolution it will be way too small - so Canon just locked it to one resolution?

     I'm not comfortable w/ suspected poor accuracy of just counting frames -I'd like the camera to reference it's own clock- which I feel comfortable with.

    In thinking about it a little, I don't mind if the camera does something screwy at the top of each hour -like take a color picture when the rest of the series is black and white -again trying to extend memory space.

    The date/time stamp would be nice though -Thank you

    Canon A630 (which works awesome)
    Canon A1000is (not so well supported yet)

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    Re: Time/date mod to intervalometer script?
    « Reply #1 on: 27 / June / 2010, 13:17:13 »
    In my efforts to figure this out, it would seem that there are a lot of options to deal w/ this. -I also noticed that there is no shortage of people who have gotten upset about date/time stamp issues in their own cameras.

       This issue with respect to CHDK has been addressed in past, and I was happy to find this thread:

    Turns out that date/time stamps from within the camera may be more of a pain than necessary, as EXIF data encoded into every photo can be extracted, and inserted onto each image of a series with batch processing.
    It would have been nice to find a filter for VirtualDub, but XnView seems to be working well.- and the price is right!

    I can try to put together a simple tutorial if needed.

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    Re: Time/date mod to intervalometer script?
    « Reply #2 on: 02 / July / 2010, 02:02:43 »
    thanks, I'm looking into xnview now. I planned on writing a photoshop script to do this but i'm rusty on scripting so it would have been painful. glad to see xnview isn't shareware!


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