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s90 - stumped even after seemingly setting things correctly

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hi all -

first off, doing all this is low light mode only, because it has the fastest/least amount of shutter lag. i had a chance to play around with the settings a little, and can't seem to make heads or tails of it for sure.

the goal was to get to:
1). ISO override set to 100
2). Shutter speed override set to 1/100

to diagnose, here's what i did:

i press alt and menu to get into the choices.
i choose extra photo operations, then override shutter speed to 1/100, as you did. (i also set value factor to 1, although in trying both off and 1 it didnt seem to make a difference)
next i set override iso value to 100, value factor to 1.
lastly, whether or not i allowed or disabled custom auto iso didnt seem to make a diff.

here's where i am stumped:

the upper left hand corner of the lcd does show the ff:

and yet, when i take the pics, and check the values, the iso is between 1250 and 1600, although i do see 1/80 to 1/60 shutter speed.

THANKS for help on this one!

by the way, even on the chdk wikia site and google, i'm trying to look for some tutorial video for playing with the settings. haven't found anything helpful yet...


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