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Night Vision/automated Iris control

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Night Vision/automated Iris control
« on: 26 / June / 2010, 06:10:49 »
Great to be able to use my Canon A480 as a stand-alone "security" camera.  My older A70 can connect to computer
and time-lapse every 7 seconds or so a high-grade jpeg which I can then use Virtualdub for to 'screen as a movie'.
As most of the burglaries where I live take place at night, I'd like to be able to toggle between a day mode/night
mode (i.r.) (even from a remote site) so's I can get those night shots of various marauding thieves etc. The front
of my house looks straight into the sun, and admitting that CHDK cannot yet stretch to HDR, a handy Iris control
to stem the glare from the midday sun would also be a nice feature.
CHDK is so cool, I cannot tell you, and such features would be the bee's knees, so-to-speak!   :xmas


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Re: Night Vision/automated Iris control
« Reply #1 on: 26 / June / 2010, 17:58:34 »
The a480 like all powershots has a fixed IR filter. You generally cannot take IR photos without physically disassembling the camera and removing the filter. This is non-trivial and has a high risk of damaging your camera, but has been done for some models.

Some IR probably leaks through even with the filter in place, so a very very bright IR source might work. But why not use a floodlight instead if you are going to do that ?

The a480, like all recent A series, does not have an adjustable iris. It only as an ND filter which can be put in or out. You should be able to to control this script, or the camera will do it automatically.

PC controlled shooting is not available in standard CHDK, but I believe a480 is supported by the experimental PTP interface. See,4338.0.html

An off the shelf security camera may be a better investment. They are pretty cheap these days.
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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